7 Driving Tips for Long Weekends

Long weekends are eagerly anticipated opportunities for many to hit the road and explore new destinations or visit loved ones. To ensure your journey remains enjoyable and safe, here are seven invaluable driving tips to keep in mind as you embark on your long weekend adventures. Plan your Trip: Use GPS navigation apps or websites […]

How Simulator Training Improves Your Driving Skills

Simulator Training

Technology has changed—and driver training has, too. Back in the day, whether you were learning to drive for the first time or you were learning to drive a commercial truck, the training was the same: Throw you into a vehicle, put you on a course, and put an instructor beside you to help you figure […]

Canadian Transport Training Centre Opens Skid School For The Season

SHANNONVILLE, ON: Transport Training Centres of Canada Inc. (TTCC), a nationally recognized leader in driver safety and trade skill development, has opened its skid control training centre for the season.  The only one of its kind in Canada, TTCC’s exclusive skid pad training facility, located in Shannonville, Ontario, offers hands-on skid control and recovery training […]