Standard vs Automatic

Using an automatic truck for your AZ  training and road test will result in a restricted license. Having this restriction on your license may be problematic for your career because the majority of trucks on the road have manual transmissions. 

Driving a truck with a manual transmission is easy once you know how. The trick is to be taught and to have the opportunity to learn. Not knowing how to drive a standard truck WELL will greatly limit your employment opportunities. It may be tempting to take the easy way and opt for training on an automatic transmission, but you owe to yourself to at least try and get an unrestricted license.

Sure, there are some jobs out there that use automatic trucks – but with a restricted license  you will be limited. We train thousands of people each and every year on standard transmissions and we have never failed to teach someone how to drive a standard truck confidently. We have been doing this for years and have many tools (like simulators) to make it easy on you. Just because you don’t know how to shift now doesn’t mean you can’t learn.  We are so confident that we can teach anyone to shift a truck that we provide a road test guarantee. You might be surprised at how quickly you start to become comfortable shifting the truck and after just a few short weeks you can be shifting like a pro!

Our courses are designed  to meet the demands of the trucking industry and the learning styles of our students. Although we provide students all the tools and resources to master shifting we also appreciate that everyone learns differently. Everyone has different goals and reasons for wanting an AZ license which is why we also provide training and road tests on automatic trucks. Whether you want a full AZ license or an automatic restricted license we can accommodate.


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Learn Decision Driving Techniques both in the classroom and in actual hands-on activities using our exclusive skid pad facility.
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By using the simulator our students learn how to shift at their own pace before they even get behind the wheel of the actual truck.
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