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Simulator Training

TTCC students have the advantage to learn how to drive a truck before getting behind the wheel. The old way to teach someone how to drive would be to let the student loose on the road and hope for the best. A rookie pilot learning to fly a plane would never learn this way.  Most quality truck training schools in North America now use simulators to supplement shifting and backing training. What sets our simulator training apart from the other schools is that there is no limit to the amount of time you can spend training on them. Many Provinces including Ontario have adopted Mandatory Entry Level Training (MELT). This means you are required to spend your training hours on certain exercises. Once you have exhausted your hours on a certain skill your time is up. If you didn’t learn in the  allotted time frame you will either fail or get stuck paying for more training time just to learn the bare minimum. The unlimited use of our simulator gives you the time you need to learn and master the skills you need. This simulator time is over and above any time allotted in the Entry Level Training standard. Simulator time never replaces your actual behind the wheel training with us. It only enhances it.

Learn to shift the right way

Learning to shift a truck with a non-synchronized manual transmission is a skill that takes time and patience. This is not like shifting a car with a standard transmission. With the Entry Level standard (MELT) you will only receive the mandated time to learn all the required skills necessary to operate a truck. The first thing you have to learn is how to shift gears. You can’t learn anything else until the basics of shifting is learned. Learning to shift shouldn’t be a luxury item. Like anything else, once you know how, shifting is easy and fun. Without the proper tools this can be a nightmare. Many new drivers have seen their careers get stalled because the school they chose didn’t have simulators and couldn’t teach them how to shift a truck. When you fail to learn this skill you will be stuck with an automatic truck  and you will receive a restricted Class AZ/ Class 1  license. An automatic restriction on your AZ/class 1 license means you will only be able to drive half the trucks on the road today and is the best way to limit your success in this industry.

By using the simulator our students learn how to shift at their own pace before they even get behind the wheel of the actual truck. We use your MELT driving time to work on much more advanced skills. There is no limit to the amount of time you can spend on the simulator. Practice makes perfect and that’s why our students are the best of the best.

Master the Art of backing

Without a simulator the only way to learn how to back up a trailer, is by trial and error. The old way of teaching backing was to take you out to the yard, put you in the driver’s seat and then yell instructions at you from outside of the truck. Usually this is done in groups and everyone takes turns. This way is too stressful and the pressure this puts on a student does not create a comfortable or effective learning environment. Our simulator training allows you to learn all the concepts of backing while practicing in a real simulated environment. It allows for a self paced, stress and pressure free way to learn the concepts of backing with no time limits! You can replay maneuvers and watch what you’ve done from different vantage points, you can  learn from your own mistakes by yourself without an audience. Once you start your “hands on” training you will already know how to back up a trailer allowing you the opportunity to put what you learned on the simulator to work in real life.

This is how we teach the Art of Backing and that’s why our graduates are the most sought after by the best companies.


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