Moncton Truck Driver Training

truck transAs Industry Leaders in Commercial Truck Driver Training, our programs go beyond the minimum licensing training of other schools. At TTCC you’re trained on real loaded trailers under realistic conditions during the daytime and at night, in the city and on the highways, under various challenging conditions.

This extra training means you graduate as a job-ready professional with more than just a license. We offer a variety of programs to accommodate different levels of skills, and the flexibility of full-time / part-time, private one-on-one training, or group instruction. Your training days are tailored around your personal schedule, and you will receive your own personalized timetable.

Programs Approximate
Class 1 Class 3 Price
Class 1 6 Weeks Checkbox $5,750*
Class 1 Internship 12 Weeks Checkbox $9,950*
Class 3 19 Hours Checkbox $1,710

*Includes: Student Protection Fee, Registration Fee, Books and Tuition

All prices and courses subject to change without notice.

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