Training Simulator


Unlimited SHIFTING and BACKING Practice!

Learning to shift a truck with a standard transmission and back it up is critical to your success in this industry. The Virage Simulators allow self-paced training that enables novice drivers to learn how to shift a non-synchronized transmission in only a few hours and perfect the art of backing

  • Learn entry level shifting, advanced progressive shifting techniques, fuel management.
  • Simulate more than 140 transmissions, 240 engines, 300 tire sizes and 33 axle ratios, in any combination.
  • The Driver Training Simulator allows adjustable road grades and vehicle weights.
  • Learn the “Art” of backing.
  • Practice any maneuver, even dangerous ones, in a realistic and safe environment
  • Experience the virtual consequences of their driving behaviors under a variety of realistic conditions (i.e. all weather, road and traffic conditions, alone or in combination)
  • Learn faster due to lower stress, better feedback and less wasted time
  • Control their learning pace (e.g. pause for a break at any time, do extra practice drills for any skill)
  • Develop realistic confidence as they progress from easy to difficult and from simple to complex skills
  • View instant replays of their performances including overhead views
  • Practice specific skills until they can be performed automatically, e.g. from gear shifting to backing to fuel economy to roll-over prevention
  • Receive reliable, objective performance scores that can be compared with the scores of other students
  • Improve their perception and anticipation of dangerous situations
  • Experience the measurable benefits of safer (e.g. defensive) driving habits
  • Backing made easy with unlimited practice

One of the main reasons our courses are so superior, is the fact that we have invested in Simulators for our students. These simulators cost about $100,000 each, and we have put one at each campus (except Chatham). The simulator is no substitute for hands on training. It is a training aid that will enable you to practice shifting and backing as much as you want. Simulator training is a proven training aid. We aren’t the only ones that use them. They are very popular at quality schools throughout North America and with many employers.

These aren’t video games. This is dramatic training that will enable you the opportunity to “Master” shifting techniques and experience a multitude of different transmissions. You will be afforded all the resources that will allow you to perfect the “Art” of backing. Come down and see for yourself how realistic these training aids are. We use your driving time to focus on more advanced driving techniques that can only be developed once you master proper shifting and backing. When you are competing for a job, you want to be the one who spent a lot of time mastering shifting and backing and developing advanced driving skills.