Standard vs Automatic

There are lots of trucking schools out there. Some train on automatic trucks, some train on standard transmissions and some use both. Whatever school you decide to attend, do yourself a favour and don’t let anyone convince you to complete your AZ training on an automatic truck. Trucking companies HATE that.

You already know how to operate an automatic transmission. It’s the manual non-synchronized transmission that you need to practice. Like everything else, once you know how – it’s easy. The trick is to be taught and to have the opportunity to learn. Not knowing how to drive a standard truck WELL will greatly limit your employment opportunities. Training on an automatic transmission only benefits the school – not the student. It may be tempting to take the easy way and opt for training on an automatic transmission.

Sure, there are some jobs out there that use automatic trucks – but not many. We train thousands of people each and every year on standard transmissions and we have never failed to teach someone how to drive a standard truck. We have been doing this for years and have many tools (like simulators) to make it easy on you. Just because you don’t know how to shift now doesn’t mean you can’t learn.  Not to mention, when you pass your test for an AZ on an automatic truck the ministry records it on your driving record for all employers to see. Those a who test on automatic trucks don’t fool anyone. Their employment opportunities are very limited.

This is such a shady practice for trucking school to rip off students that effective July 2022 the MTO will restrict those who test on automatic trucks from driving standard trucks. Many provinces already restrict those who tested on an automatic truck, from operating manual transmissions.


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