The TTCC Air Brake Advantage™ (Z Endorsement)

Large commercial vehicles are equipped with powerful air brake systems. Because stopping a fully loaded truck is important, you are required to posses a special air brake endorsement (Z) on your commercial license. This endorsement must be renewed every 5 years with a written test.

The minimum requirement to get an air brake endorsement is to participate in a 2 -day (12 hours) air brake course. Schools that offer this absolute minimum air brake training are known as “licensing mills” because they will also to sign off on your training. These predators have done a pretty good job convincing people to pay them about $400 - $500 for this “service” under the guise that it will make your road test easier (even though Z testing is completely free when done the right way at the Drive Test Centre). They also make sure you only get the minimum training because when it comes time to renew your Z endorsement in 5 years you will have to take the course again and spend another $400 - $500.

At TTCC we take a different approach. As passionate trainers, dedicated to road user safety, we have always stood against this shady practice of licensing mills. We have developed a far better way for teaching Air Brake systems. Our revolutionary Air Brake Advantage® method has a proven track record of simplifying the air brake system making it easier to learn and retain. Just like anything else, it’s easy once you know how.  We are so confident in our training method that anyone can take refresher training as often as they want at no charge (although when you’re trained right the first time it’s very rare that you’ll need to come back). We want you to know this stuff inside and out, it could be the difference between coming home safely and on time or coming home late with a pocketful of fines.

The licensing mills want you to return every 5 years to give them more money to teach you the minimum passing requirements (again and again). Don’t settle for minimum standards, we never have. Make sure you know your air brake systems the right way. Don’t let anyone convince you that learning nothing is better than learning everything.

Air Brake Training is Always FREE!



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