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Things YOU Should Know About the Truck Training Industry!

Automatic Trucks

There are lots of trucking schools out there. Some train on automatic trucks, some train on standard transmissions and some use both. Whatever school you decide to attend, do yourself a favour and don’t let anyone convince you to complete your AZ training on an automatic truck. Trucking companies HATE that. You already know how to operate an automatic transmission. It’s the manual non-synchronized transmission that you need to practice. Like everything else, once you know how – it’s easy. The trick is to be taught and to have the opportunity to learn. Not knowing how to drive a standard truck WELL will greatly limit your employment opportunities. Training on an automatic transmission only benefits the school – not the student. It may be tempting to take the easy way and opt for training on an automatic transmission. Sure there are some jobs out there that use automatic trucks – but not many. We train thousands of people each and every year on standard transmissions and we have never failed to teach someone how to drive a standard truck. We have been doing this for years and have many tools (like simulators) to make it easy on you. Just because you don’t know how to shift now doesn’t mean you can’t learn.

Hours of Training

Unfortunately, it is common practise for some trucking schools (even car driving schools) to “fast track” you through the training and present you for your license before completing all your hours. Shady trainers will tell you how good you are and how impressed they are with your natural abilities and push you to get your license without getting all your hours. They don’t offer to give you a refund for the hours not used neither. You need all the training you can get. If you are a great driver with only a few hours of training, you will be an amazing driver if you complete all the hours that were promised. Whatever school you choose to attend, make sure you get everything that you were promised.


The best way to decide on the best fit for your training is to see where it will lead you. Talk to employers and drivers about career opportunities. If you feel uncomfortable in approaching some of these places check out our website and click on “jobs”. There are over 80 companies that invite you to give them a call either before, during or after your training. They genuinely want to get to know you because it is in their best interest that you make a good choice. Give them a call. If you start calling more carriers outside those that are on our website, find out if their trucks are automatic or standard. You may come across some carriers with automatic trucks that prefer that you don’t learn how to drive a standard transmission because it makes you too employable. They usually recommend that you don’t attend a good school. You really want to avoid working for places like that.