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Clients say

  • The course was Awesome, all the Instructors were very Professional and very good, thumbs up to them. Matt Young at the Construction Pit was Excellent 5 out of 5 stars! Garth, the AZ truck instructor, was very patient and very calm, he showed me from A to Z, he explained to me also on why we are doing it. Claude and Andy, they were very Good too. Thanks for getting my Self-Esteem back, since my Medical Released from the Canadian Armed Forces on March 2015, I enjoyed every seconds with TTCC school.
    Patrick Lei photo
    Patrick Lei
    Belleville Campus - Heavy Equipment Operator Gold
  • Great School! I recommend anyone looking to take training to come here! I landed a great job within weeks of graduating, and I'm still getting calls for other job offers! I couldn't be happier.
    Adrian Pennant photo
    Adrian Pennant
    Chatham Campus - Construction Program Silver
  • Very proud to have the opportunity to learn from Claude. Without his instruction in the truck I wouldn’t have been able to achieve a perfect road test at drive test. I had an amazing time, all the staff give you their best and undivided attention. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to change their career. I have and happy to say I WILL be able to retire in thirty years. For now just remember every mile of road there’s two miles of ditches!!!
    Slide 1
    Ben Desjardins
    Belleville Campus - AZ Transport Training Program
  • My experience at TTCC was AWESOME! I enjoyed very much my two weeks in class with SPECIALIST, Instructor and Teacher DANE. Dane, Tim, Dan an Melissa are awesome people who DO CARE about students. I thank God so much for them! Thank you so much Miss Melissa for your very encouraging words that motivated me and helped me succeed. I am very thankful. May God bless you! Thank you so very much "Specialist" Dane for taking me from level ZERO to level AMAZING in just 3 days when I was struggling with shifting and backing up. And that's why I call you Specialist because I couldn't really understand how you made that happen. May God amazingly bless you! Thank you Tim for everything you taught me. You are a very good instructor and trainer. I have learnt a lot from you. You're a very polite person, you never get upset and I thank you for being very patient with me and making the training fun. May God abundantly bless you! Thank you so very much Dan for helping me achieve my goal. You're a good trainer and instructor. You make learning fun! You had always said to me: Jean, you can do this ... you work hard for it and you deserve it. Those words meant a lot to me and fuelled my motivation. You made the training enjoyable for me. Thank you again! May God generously bless you! Those people make the Ottawa TTCC an OUTSTANDING School in the area. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH AGAIN AND AGAIN!
    Jean Civil Photo
    Jean A. Civil
    Ottawa Campus - AZ Commerical Truck Training
  • Started this course at the age of 22 in 2015 with little truck driving experience. The Barrie campus made it very easy to learn and to be comfortable driving in all driving situations. Close to my graduation day jobs were posted in my local municipality for snow plow operators. One of my instructors (Dave), pushed me to apply and I will be grateful for the rest of my life for his advice. I was hired on for the winter and was very thankful for my training and advise from instructors and had a great winter! The following year I was hired for a full time position as a water and sewer operator/ snow operator. Thanks to TTCC I am now working my dream job and can't thank them enough!
    Brian Pilkey
    Barrie Campus - AZ Transport Training Program
  • Very friendly easy going School and loved every minute of it!!!!! The Instructors knew inside out what they were doing!!
    Robert Mameamskum Photo
    Robert Mameamskum
    North Bay Campus - AZ Transport Training Program
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