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What is Skid School?

Our certified skid school course is for new drivers once they have their G2 license (or higher). This is a ½ day training course that combines a classroom session with real-life training behind the wheel on a controlled access skid pad. Training takes place either Sudbury or Shannonville, Ontario, where drivers are able to learn “hands on” the principles of car and steering control, off-road recovery, crash avoidance and skid control. The Skid School Program is included FREE of charge with every Beginner Driver Education course. Non-students are also welcome to enroll in this class for $$225, while immediate family can observe for free or participate at the reduced rate of $150.

We offer proven hands-on techniques for mastering accident avoidance and car control skills.

The program supplements traditional Beginner Driver Education and has the unique ability to humble aggressive drivers while at the same time instilling confidence in more timid drivers. Very few defensive driver training courses will take you onto a real skid pad so you can experience and learn what to do in limited traction conditions. It is not safe to learn by trial and error on real roads with real traffic. Winter driving involves unique skills and techniques to deal with unique driving conditions.

The Skid School is designed to help you learn how to control your vehicle and to understand how it will react in emergency situations while developing new and important lifesaving driving skills.

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